The great boss of Chambers of Xeric!
Your Nightmare is only beginning!
Let the Wilderness consume you!
The Theatre Has Been started, and YOU are invited!
Skills all across ApocryphaPK!


06/05/2022: Bug fixes, new shops, and more!

Examine on NPC now opens its Drop Table.
Perdu can now Imbue items, Repair items, and convert your spear to Hasta and Hasta to Spear Several shops have been added/updated,
For example, The PVM Shop and others to be updated!
Sawmill Operator...

Huge Updates today!

Here's what you missed!
Well of Goodwill now boosts for 90 Minutes!
Well of Goodwill now requires Blood Money!
All shops have been converted to Blood Money!
RuneLocus added to votes!
Preset Plugin Panel has been better modified!

Welcome to DefiledPVP

Long awaited, New updates, SAME GREAT STAFF!
We are Back and stronger than ever! With all new great updates and QOL updates we have been working on behind the scenes!
We will be introducing 117HD on release! As well as quick use of presets VIA...

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